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Hello, I’m


Website Developer & Online Entrepreneur

I’m a blogger, freelance WordPress website developer and online entrepreneur. I help small business owners develop an online presence.

Outside of my comfortable workspace, I love travelling and meeting new people. I live in Malaysia and on a healthy vegetarian diet.

WordPress Blog

Everything about WordPress

“Ever wondered what WordPress tricks and hacks most popular WordPress sites are using? …” #ReadMoreOnBlog

Travel Blog

Story about Vegan Backpacker

“Being vegan on a backpacking trip may seem like a challenging task…” #ReadMoreOnBlog

Small Business Website

Local Business Online Presence

“Want to get your small business online but don’t know where to start? …” #ContactUsForHelp


Website Upgrade

Make your Website Work Harder

“Are you looking to re-design, upgrading or optimization of your existing websites …” #ContactUsForHelp

A Little Story About Me.

I started creating my first ever personal website about 20 years ago (around 1998). In those days, most of the websites were very “plain and simple” because internet connection speed at that time was very slow (14.4kbps to max 56kbps). Even though today internet speed has reached 100mbps or higher, if I were to build a new website or mobile apps again, honestly, I still insist on “plain & simple”.

I believe new technology will improve the quality of our life and make it simple and easier. Since that is the case, why should we make it complicated?


I was graduated from TARC –


I have seven (7) years working experience in web development and over 14 years in IT related industry.


I have passed nine (9) Google Certifications

My Tech Skills.

I was a marketing manager in a web development firm for seven (7) years and used to work in the IT industry for over 14 years. Now, I’m a freelance WordPress website developer and online entrepreneur since 2015.

  • Develop a Website 88% 88%
  • Integrate smart Website functionality 84% 84%
  • Create an Android web app 80% 80%
  • Create a multimedia FlipBook 85% 85%
  • Create a Product or Corporate Video 83% 83%

Why Us.

” … the fact is, my partner & I operated from a Smart Home Studio, we do not incur the expensive overhead associated with the infrastructure and staff. While most of the other web companies spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks, pay a high salary to a development team, our philosophy is that we’d rather improve the customer experience and rely on repeat business ….. “